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"What, you don't feel like fighting? Well, I feel like fucking fighting because I've been up here by myself for four hours on this fucking shithole of a boat."
Billie to Cliff (presumably her last words).[source]

Billie Booth was a mentioned character in Quentin Tarantino's ninth film, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. She is the late wife of an American stuntman, Cliff Booth.

She was portrayed by Rebecca Gayheart.


At some point Billie married a stuntman, Cliff Booth.

One day Bille was on a boat trip with her husband. When she got drunk, she started complaining about the weather as well as the boat and then proceeded to insult Cliff. Soon after that she died during the same trip. Rumor has it that Cliff shot her with a harpoon but the film never confirmes or denies it.


  • According to the novel, Cliff did kill Billie.
  • Billie suffered a similar fate to an actress Natalie Wood who died under mysterious circumstances while on a boat with her husband, Robert Wagner.