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"He said: "Go to Terry's old house and kill everybody in there. And you heard him yourself. He said, "Make it witchy.""
Tex quoting Manson's orders to Katie, Sadie and Flowerchild.[source]

Charles Milles Manson (born Charles Milles Maddox) is the overarching antagonist of Quentin Tarantino's 9th film Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. He is the leader and founder of the Manson Family cult and is based on the real-life criminal and cult leader of the same name.

He was portrayed by Damon Herriman.


Visiting Terry Melcher's former house

While Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring are relaxing in their home in the morning, Charles Mason comes and looks at their home. Sebring notices this and goes outside asking him is he looking for something. Charles tells him that he was looking for Terry Melcher, but Jay tells him that Terry no longer lives here. Manson apologizes for the intrusion and walks away.

Attempting to kill Sharon Tate

Later, four of Charlie's followers, Tex, Sadie, Katie and Flowerchild, drive to the Rick Dalton's house. Rick, annoyed by the cult members, goes outside and yells at them, causing the cultist to back the car away from the street. Cult members reconize Rick from a TV show "Bounty Law", and recall the amount of violence on the show. They then decide to change their plans and murder Rick instead, in order to "kill the people who taught them to kill". At their way to Rick's house, Flower Child leaves the cultist and drives away with a car.

After remaining cult members break into Rick's apartament, they find there Cliff who is high on acid. Tex pulls a revolver towards the stuntman but he orders his dog, Brandy to attack him. The dog bites Tex's leg and then his crotch. Meanwhile, Sadie tries to attack Cliff but he throws a can of dog food at her. After Brandy begins to attack Susan, Clif starts the fight with the Tex, hurting his leg with his own knife before kicking him in the head, killing him. After Tex's death, Cliff is knocked down and stabbed by Katie, but he grabs her head and hits her in various object in the house untill she dies. After Sadie manages to shot in the celling with Tex's revolver, Cliff passes out and Brandy runs away to the room where Francesca Capucci is hidding. She then flies from the window and falls into Rick's pool. Scared Rick, comes out of the pool and takes the flamethrower from his tool shed and burns Sadie alive. After this event, the police arrives and interrogates Rick, Cliff and Francesca about the hippies. Later Cliff is taken to the hospital and Sharon Tate invides Dalton to Polanski's residence.

It is complety unknown what happend to Charles Manson afterwards, because events of the movie are very difrent form what took place in reality. However, it's possible that Charles passed away on November 19 of 2017 like his real life counterpart.


Charles Manson is a charismatic man, since he was able to manipulate a lot of people into joining his cult and loyaly obeing him, even when he requested them to commit crimes such as murder. He is also a ruthless and brutal criminal who will stop at nothing to achieve his crazy goals, considering he ordered his followers to kill many people inculding a pregnant woman, Sharon Tate.


  • Damon Herriman later portrayed Charlie Manson in the Netflix show Mindhunter.
  • Originally there were more scenes featuring Manson, but they were cut.
  • In the film's novelization, there's a scene where Manson instructs Pussycat how to break into the house of an elderly and wealthy couple as they are sleeping. It's furthermore explained that Manson encouraged his girls to go into wealthy unvacated homes with dark clothing and steal valuables for his own purposes.