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Dicky Speck was a member of the Speck Brothers, who once owned Django.


While traveling through the west, Dicky and his brother are encountered by Dr. King Schultz, who is using his former application as a dentist, and offers to buy a slave. After much bickering, the Specks refuse and threaten King, Schultz responds by shooting Ace in the head and crippling Dicky by shooting his horse. When Django is freed, Schultz lets him get Ace's jacket and his horse, which Dicky yells at Django not to and insults him. When Django is ready, Schultz gives the other slaves two options; head back to town with Dicky or escape with a chance of killing him. As Schultz and Django leaves, the slaves walk over to Dicky, armed with clubs and a shotgun, ignoring Dicky's pleas for mercy. Without hesistation, one of the slaves uses the shotgun to shoot Dicky, killing him.