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Sheriff Earl McGraw is a recurring character in the Tarantinoverse, appearing in both the 2003 film Kill Bill: Volume 1 and the 2007 film Death Proof. He is a Texas ranger.


Kill Bill: Volume 1

Earl, alongside his son, Edgar, investigate the massacre at the Two Pines chapel. Ten people have been brutally murdered there, which is the setup for the story of the film and its sequel. He soon discovers that the bride, Beatrix Kiddo, is still alive. In the film, he scolds his son for taking the Lord's name in vain while inside the chapel.

Death Proof

Earl, accompanied by Edgar, visits a hospital after Stuntman Mike's first attack. He is the only person aware of the fact that Mike was responsible for the deaths of five girls (including Arlene Butterfly Machiallie, Shanna Bannana and Jungle Julia Lucai), but Mike is cleared of all charges because the girls were intoxicated. Although he can't formally arrest him, Earl does however run Mike out of Texas.

Fun Quotes

  • Sheriff Earl McGraw: "I been pukin up pigs in a blanket for an hour" - From Dusk Till Dawn
  • Sheriff Earl McGraw: "Son Number One, this tall drink of cocksucker ain't dead" - Kill Bill
  • Sheriff Earl McGraw: "Every damn one of them gals was swimmin' in alcohol and floatin on weed. Ol "Hooper" in there was clean as a whistle". - Death Proof


  • According to Quentin Tarantino, he is a character similar to The Wolf from Pulp Fiction, who can theoretically move between the universes.
  • The character's son, Edgar McGraw is portrayed by Park's real life son James Parks.
  • The character may be a reference to the 60's Hanna Barbera cartoon character Quick Draw McGraw who was a walking talking horse/sheriff in the Old West.