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General Ed Fenech is a "legendary British military mastermind", who provides a plot to kill Nazi leadership.


Ed Fenech was born in Great Britain.



He is first seen in a large chamber, inside an unknown military building, where he greets Lt. Archie Hicox, under the eyes of Winston Churchill. He briefs Hicox on Operation Kino and sends him to France, to the village of Nadine, where he is supposed to meet with The Basterds and the contact, German actress Bridget von Hammersmark.


Fenech is a career general. He is orderly, and the archetype of a British officer. He prefers straight whiskey.


  • The character was based on the older George Sanders.
  • The character is named after Giallo Scream Queen Edwige Fenech. She quit acting but last appeared in Hostel: Part II, directed by Eli Roth, who plays Donny Donowitz (The Bear Jew).
  • Gen. Ed. Fenech's uniform is the 'No. 2' dress of the British Army, an Officer's Sam Browne belt, the red collar Georgettes of a General, however the view of his buttons is not clear enough to discern his regiment or corps. His medal ribbons include: either an OBE, CBE or KBE (cannot tell from the ribbon), Transport Medal 1903 (South Africa or China), 1914 Star (with mention in dispatches), The British War Medal (WW1), the Victory Medal (WW1, with mention in dispatches), The General Service Medal (unspecified campaign) and then four more unidentified medals. The last ribbon may be that of the French Croix de Guerre 1914 - 1918 with bronze palm.

Notable quotes

  • Whiskey, straight. No junk in it.
  • Basically, we have all our rotten eggs in one basket. The objective of Operation Kino: blow up the basket.

Behind the scenes

He is played by Mike Myers.