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Jasper was an automobile repairman from Texas. He was also a rapist who attempted to rape Beatrix Kiddo while she was thought to be in a coma.


Jasper repaired automobiles for a living and owned a barn and body shop located in Lebanon, Tennessee. He owned a 1970 Dodge Challenger, the same type of car as the one used in the film Vanishing Point.

Four friends (Abernathy Ross, Kim Mathis, Lee Montgomery, and Zoe Bell) traveled to his barn to test drive the car, ostensibly to purchase it, though they didn't really plan to buy the vehicle. To convince Jasper to allow them to borrow the car, they left their own car behind, as well as their attractive friend Lee (unbeknownst to her).

Lee was then left alone with Jasper, who chuckled suggestively as he approached her. Realizing his intentions for her, Lee gulped in alarm.

Encounter with The Bride

After the Massacre at Two Pines, The Bride was sent to a hospital in El Paso, Texas. It was there that Jasper met Buck, who told Jasper about The Bride's comatose condition and offered to let him rape her for a small fee.

Before Buck and Jasper entered the Bride's hospital room, she woke from her four-year coma, hungry for revenge against the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and Bill. She heard Jasper and Buck entering the room and quickly lay back down, pretending that she was still in her coma.

Having been paid $75, Buck explained to Jasper what he could and couldn't do to The Bride once he was alone with her. After Buck left the room, Jasper climbed atop the Bride and began to rape her, only to find that she was awake. He was soon killed by The Bride, who bit his lower lip and ripped it when he attempted to French kiss her.


  • Jasper appeared also in "Death Proof", the fifth film by Quentin Tarantino. Supposedly, Death Proof takes place before Kill Bill: Vol. 1 as Jasper appears in both "Kill Bill: Vol 1" and "Death Proof".