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Julie LaPadite was the daughter of Perrier LaPadite and the sister of Charlotte and Suzanne.

Julie LaPadite was played by Tina Rodriguez.


Background information

Julie was born in France, her father being Perrier LaPadite.

Chapter One - Once upon a time... in Nazi-occupied France

Julie is first seen spreading a sheet on the line. She hears motorcycle and car engine roars approaching. When she looks on the road a few German motorcycles and a car are seen approaching. Julie calls her father, who stops chopping a tree stub and asks her to bring him some water to wash himself. He then tells her to go back in the house to join her sisters, which she does. Here she sees Hans Landa entering the house at sits at the table. LaPadite asks her to close the window, which she does. Perrier sends her and her sisters outside, so that he and Landa could have a private conversation.


Not much is known about Julie. She appears to be very helpful around the farm.


  • When Julie is spreading a sheet over a clothesline, a clothespin appears on the sheet between shots.
  • Also, Julie is hanging sheets on the line to dry. However, the sheet she is securing to the line is already dry (it isn't wet). In those days, however, people hang their sheets to air them so they didn't have to wash them so often. So dry sheets would be hung.