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Lanna Frank was a character in Quentin Tarantino's 5th film, Death Proof. She was a friend of Jungle Julia LucaiShanna Bannana and Pam.

She was portrayed by Monica Staggs.


Lanna arrives at the bar during Julia's birthday celebration to smoke marijuana with her, Arlene Butterfly Machiallie, and Shanna. Despite being stoned, she declares herself to be sober enough to drive the trio to Shanna's father's lakehouse. She, along, with the others, is killed by Stuntman Mike when he collides his vehicle with theirs.


  • Monica Staggs is also a professional stunt woman and was Daryl Hannah's stunt double in Kill Bill. During the latter half of the film, Abernathy complains about Cecil having sex with Daryl Hannah’s stunt double on her birthday.