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The Manson Family were the main antagonistic faction in Quentin Tarantino's ninth fim Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. They were a group of cultist consisting of mostly feamale members, leaded by Charles Manson.


Background information

The cult was founded in mid-1967 by Charles Manson. It consisted of around 100 followers.

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

February 8, 1969

The Manson Family, first appears during one of the movie's first scens where couple of Manson's followers are dump diving while singing "Always Is Always Forever", a song written by their leader. When their are crossing the street, one of the cultists, Pussycat smiles at a Hollywood stuntman, Cliff Booth who is driving his boss and best friend, Rick Dalton, to his house.

Visit at Polanski's residence

Some time later, while Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring are relaxing in their home in the morning, Charles Mason comes and looks at their house. Jay notices this and goes outside asking Manson is he looking for something. Charles tells him that he was looking for Terry Melcher, but Sebring tells him that Terry no longer lives here. Charlie apologizes for the intrusion and walks away.

Cliff Booth at Spahn Ranch

Members of the Manson's cult at Spahn Ranch

Cliff punches Clem

Days later, Cliff drives Pussycat to the Manson Family's headquarter, Spahn Ranch. After she introduces him to the cultists, including Gypsy and Tex, Cliff asks them if George Spahn is still owns of the ranch and if he can visit him. Cult members reveal that George is still the owenr of the ranch but it is impossible for Booth to visit him right now because he is taking a nap. Cliff, not trusting the cultists and finding them suspicious, approches George's house. Dianne "Snake" Lake sees that and warns her fellow cultist about it. When Cliff walks to the door, couple of cultists are exiting the house on orders from another cult member, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme. After a short interogation, Squeaky reluctantly allows Cliff to visit George. After the stuntman's visit with Spahn ends, he walks out the house and heads to his cart while Pussycat and other members of Manson's cult yell at him. When he arrives, Cliff finds a knife in the car's tire placed there by one of the cultists, Steve "Clem" Grogan. After he sees him, Booth gets another tire from the trunk and orders him to change it. When Clem refuses, Cliff proceeds to beat him and tosses him into the car's side. After that, Grogan finally starts changing the tire. Tex is informed about the inncident by another member of the Manson Family, but when he arrives, Cliff is seen driving off the ranch.

Assault on Rick Dalton

During the evening of 8th August 1969, four of Charlie's followers, Tex, Sadie, Katie and Flowerchild, are sitting in a car outside Rick Dalton's house, plotting to kill Sharon Tate on Charles Manson's orders. Rick, annoyed by the cult members, goes outside and yells at them, causing the cultist to back the car away from the street. Hippies recognize Rick from a TV show "Bounty Law", and recall the amount of violence on the show. They then decide to change their plans and murder Rick instead, in order to "kill the people who taught them to kill". At their way to Rick's house, Flowerchild leaves the cultist and drives away with a car.

Rick kills Sadie in self-defense with a flamethrower

Brandy bites Tex

After remaining cult members break into Rick's apartament, they find there Cliff, who is high on acid. Katie threatens Rick's wife, Francesca Capucci, with a knife and forces her to go to the living room. Tex pulls a revolver towards Cliff but he orders his dog, Brandy to attack him. When dog bites Tex, Sadie tries to attack Cliff but he throws a can of dog food at her while Katie stands in shock. After Brandy begins to attack Susan, Cliff knocks Tex on the floor and Francesca punches Katie but runs away after she takes out the knife. After Cliff kills Tex, Katie jumps at him, stabbing and knocking him on floor. When Cliff dicovers his fresh stab wound, he grabs Patricia and hits her head into various object in the house untill she dies. After killing Katie, Cliff passes out and Sadie manages to shot in the celling with Tex's revolver which scares off Brandy who runs away to the room where Francesca is hidding. Sadie then flies from the window and falls into the pool where she is burned alive with a falmethkower by Rick Dalton.

Manson Family's fate

It is complety unknown what happend to Charles Manson and the rest of his followers afterwards, because events of the movie are very different form what took place in reality. On September 5, 1975O, Squeaky would most likely go to unsuccessfully assassinate president Gerald Ford in Sacramento, just as her real-life counterpart. It is possible that just as his real-life version, Charles Manson passed away on November 19 of 2017.