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Marvin was a minor character, but key character in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction, played by Phil LaMarr.


In the events of the chapter "The Bonnie Situation", Marvin watches Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega execute drug dealer Brett after he transgressed against Marsellus Wallace. After the two execute another man, they drive off with Marvin, who is later to be the informer of the two hitmen. As the three are in the car, Vincent talks about the "miracle" and often tells him about his opinion. Marvin responds that he doesn't have one and Vincent tells him he must have an opinion but in mid-sentence, Vince accidently shoots Marvin in the face which his blood splatters on Vince and Jules and the car's windshield. They are forced to dispose his body with help from Jules friend Jimmie Dimmick and "The Wolf".