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Officer Marvin Nash was a character in the 1992 film, Reservoir Dogs. He was a police officer of the LAPD.

He was portrayed by Kirk Baltz.



Marvin Nash was a police officer who worked for the Los Angeles Police Department. 5 months before the jewelry heist, he meets Freddy Newandyke, a cop working undercover to arrest L.A. Crime boss Joe Cabot by working undercover as a criminal in Cabot's gang.

The heist

After the jewelry heist goes south, Mr. Blonde kidnaps Marvin and puts him in the trunk of his car. He stops by at Big Kahuna Burger, before taking Marvin to the warehouse. Mr. Blonde gets Mr. White and Mr. Pink out of the warehouse and opens his trunk to show them Marvin. They take him into the warehouse and beat him before Mr. Blonde tapes him to a chair and Mr. White and Mr. Pink proceed to punch him. Eddie Cabot shows up at the warehouse, and tells them to stop torturing him saying " You beat on this prick enough, he'll tell ya he started the Chicago fire. That don't necessarily make it so!"

Mr. Pink tells Eddie where he hid the diamonds and Eddie tells Mr. Blonde to babysit Marvin. Mr. White does not agree with this before Eddie says that it doesn't matter who stays with the cop, because they won't be keeping him alive anyway because he has seen all their faces. After hearing this Marvin mutters something before Mr Pink punches him, telling him to shut up. Eddie, Mr. Pink and Mr. White leave the warehouse to get the diamonds, leaving Mr. Blonde with Marvin and a passed out Mr. Orange.

Torture from Mr. Blonde and rescue

When he is left alone with Mr. Blonde, as well as Mr. Orange, he gets tortured by Mr. Blonde with a razor, while the song "Stuck in the Middle with You" is playing. Mr. Blonde first takes a swipe at him, cutting his cheek, and then gets his ear sliced off. He gets gasoline thrown all over him, and is about to be set on fire, until Mr. Orange repeatedly shoots Mr. Blonde, being saved from him. Mr. Orange talks to Marvin asking for his name, and how Marvin knows that Mr. Orange is a cop. He gets told about how there are cops nearby that won't make their move until Joe comes into the warehouse.


Marvin and Mr. Orange are waiting in the warehouse when Eddie, Mr. White and Mr. Pink enter the warehouse. They see the body of Mr. Blonde on the ground and Mr. White rushes over to Mr. Orange. Eddie asks what has happened and Mr. Orange tells him that Mr. Blonde went crazy and had tortured Marvin. Eddie asks him to repeat what he said and walks up to Marvin and asks "This cop?" before shooting Marvin 3 times. Marvin sits back before letting out a groan and slumping in the chair, his suffering at the hands of the criminals finally being ended.

Mr. Pink walks up to Marvin's dead body after Mr. Orange talks about what Mr. Blonde was doing to Marvin, and expects to see both ears, but sees just one. He nearly pukes and tells Eddie that it is true his ear had been hacked off.