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The "Massacre at Two Pines" was a event which involved Deadly Viper Assassination Squad killing all guests at Beatrix Kiddo's wedding, including her fiancé. It took place 4 years before the events of the first volume of "Kill Bill" duology.


While being on a mission to kill Lisa Wong, Beatrix Kiddo discovers that she is pregnant with Bill's baby and decides to fake her own death, leaving Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and Bill as well as her life as an assassin.

After moving to El Paso, Texas, Beatrix met Tommy Plympton, an owner of an used record store. He proposed to Beatrix, who accepted.

After learning that Beatrix is still alive. Bill tracks her down and orders the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad to kill everybody in the chapel in which Beatrix and Tommy's weeding rehearsals take place. The Vipers kill everyone exept Beatrix who is later beat up by them. After that, Bill aproches damaged Bride and shoots her in the head. However, Bill's bullet puts her in a coma in which she lies for 4 years untill finally woking up and starting her revenge on the Deadly Viper Asassination Squad.