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Mathilda is a waitress in the La Louisiane tavern in the village of Nadine, France.


Mathilda was born in France, in the town of Nadine.



Mathilda is seen inside the tavern, serving drink to the German soldiers who were celebrating the birth of Wilhelm's son. After Wicki, Hicox and Stiglitz arrive at the tavern to meet with Bridget von Hammersmark, she takes the former's place at the table (after Eric drags her kindly). The female cadet at the table seems to like her, as she tells Mathilda to watch as she puts a male soldier in a chokehold to demonstrate that she will "kick their asses in" if they try something fishy. Mathilda, along with the group, finds the prank on the man funny. She is later seen back at the bar, doing some cleaning.

After Hicox blows his cover, she was killed when Wilhelm started to fire wildly, causing her to get three bullets in the chest.


Mathilda is seen as being friendly with the guests, even with enemy ones. She also appears to be a bit shy.


  • After Mathilda has taken Bridget's place to join the quiz game with the soldiers, Eric leaves the counter and walks over to assist her. He is shown standing left behind her. Then the camera cuts to the officers' table. In the background Eric and Mathilda are shown standing behind the counter again.
  • Tarantino continues his tradition of ripping on waiters in this film, by killing Mathilda in the tavern shoot-out.

Behind the scenes

Mathilda was played by Anne-Sophie Franck.