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Mr. Blue is a minor character in Quentin Tarantino's 1992 directorial debut film, Reservoir Dogs. He was a member of the heist crew that mob boss Joe Cabot and his right-hand son Eddie Cabot formed to do a bank robbery.

He was portrayed by Edward Bunker.


Chronologically, Mr. Blue is first seen in the warehouse during when Joe Cabot gives the "Dogs" their aliases, naming him Mr. Blue. He later goes with them for breakfast at the diner before the heist. Mr. Blue says that he was initially a fan of Madonna's music but after she released "Borderline" (released in 1983) and "Poppa Don't Preach" (released in 1986) that he stopped listening to her. Other than Joe Cabot, he is the only one of the robbers who is seen smoking cigars. When Mr. Pink initially disagrees with tipping the waitress, he comments that waitresses get lousy wages and criticizes Mr. Pink for his cheapness. Following their breakfast, he along with the rest of the crew exit and prepare to get to work.

The robbery goes wrong due to the cops turning up just after the alarm is set off, which results in a bloody shootout between the "Dogs" and Los Angeles Police Department, forcing the men to split and go separate ways. Mr. Blonde (who contributed to most of the violence by killing the hostages) escapes on his own, whilst Mr. Brown escapes with Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink and Mr. White in tow, leaving Mr. Blue to fend for himself. Under unknown circumstances, Mr. Blue ends up being killed by the police.

When Mr. Pink and Mr. White discuss the failed robbery and he mentions his suspicion that one of the robbers was a snitch he mentions Mr. Blue as a possible candidate. Later in the film, it is mentioned by Mr. Blonde and later confirmed by Joe Cabot that Mr. Blue was killed sometime after the failed heist and that he is "dead as (John) Dillinger."

Other appearances

Mr. Blue also appears in the 2006 video game adaption of the movie, which expands on his actions during the heist and reveals how he died. The first and final mission depicts Mr. Blue's attempted escape following the heist going badly which resulted in a bloody shootout. He battles his way through swat teams that surrounding the bank, before then making his way down alleyways and manages to divert into a theatre. Surrounded by cops, Mr. Blue lights up a cigar, and is subsequently gunned down due to refusing to put down his weapon.

After filling the adrenaline meter Mr. Blue's special move is that he can stub out a hostage's eye with a cigar.


  • In the movie, Mr. Blue has the least dialogue or screen time to the point that he is sometimes absent on some covers for the film. So, even the tagline mentions 5 men, there is in fact 6.