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Pam was a character in Quentin Tarantino's 5th film, Death Proof. She was the first on-screen victim of Stuntman Mike.

She was portrayed by Rose McGowan.


Pam was at the same bar as DJ Jungle Julia Lucai, Arlene Butterfly Machiallie and Shanna Bannana, and was in need of a ride home because she was left stranded in the rain by her date earlier that night. Stuntman Mike charismatically introduced himself to Pam, and offered to give her a ride home on the condition that she would be willing to leave the bar when he would be ready to. Pam accepted Mike’s offer, and was quickly smitten with Mike’s cavalier attitude. It is mentioned by Arlene in a conversation with Julia that something had happened to Pam earlier that night, but it is never revealed. As Pam and Mike began to make conversation, Mike commented on how attractive he found Jungle Julia to be, prompting Pam to vent to Mike about her and Julia’s rivalry that stemmed all the way from when the two of them where children. Pam explained that, when her and Julia where in middle school, Julia, having always been bigger than everyone else, used to beat her up quite frequently.

Later on, Pam began to enjoy herself more at the bar, having met up with some of her friends. After Mike received a lap-dance from Butterfly, him and Pam exited the Bar together and prepared to leave. Pam, upon seeing Mike’s car, expressed how unsettled she was at the sight of Mike’s rather macabre vehicle, prompting Mike to reassure her that his car was a “Death Proof” stunt car that he had frequently used during his career as a stuntman. As the pair where driving to Pam’s residence and approached a crossroad, Mike asked which direction to go in. When Pam replied “Right,” Mike dropped his charming facade, and explained to Pam that, had her destination involved him going to the left, she wouldn’t have realized until much later that he wasn’t actually intending to take her home. Mike then proceeded to drive at a rapid pace along the road, causing Pam to thrash around violently in the passengers seat, which didn’t include a seatbelt and was separated from the driver’s seat by a glass window. Pam, scared for her life, begged Mike to show her mercy and let her out of the car, promising that she would never tell anyone about the encounter. Mike callously ignored her pleas, and began referring to the conversation they had had earlier about his car being “Death Proof,” stating that his car was, in fact, “100% death proof,” but in order to get the benefit of this, she would need to be sitting in the driver’s seat. With this, Mike brought the car to a screeching halt, causing Pam to smash her face against the dashboard. Pam, having had her nose smashed into her skull, died from the blunt force trauma she had encountered during the ride.


  • Because she went to school with Jungle Julia from kindergarten through high school, and the fact that Julia hails from Los Angeles, California, Pam likely is from there as well. Although, it is unclear how or why she decided to move to Austin, Texas.