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Patricia Dianne Krenwinkel, also known as Katie, was a supporting antagonist in Quentin Tarantino's ninth film Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. She was a member of the Manson Family cult, leaded by Charles Manson, and was based on the real-life murderer of the same name.

She was portrayed by Madisen Beaty.


Katie first appears after another member of the Manson Family, Pussycat, brings Rick Dalton's stuntman, Cliff Booth, to their ranch. She is later present when Cliff beats her fellow cult member, Clem, after he refuses to change the tire in Dalton's car that was pierced by him.

Cliff killing Patricia

During the evening of 8th August 1969, Katie sits in a car with three other cult members, Tex, Sadie and Flowerchild, outside Rick Dalton's house, plotting to kill actress Sharon Tate and her friends on Charles Manson's orders. Rick, annoyed by the cult members, goes outside and yells at them, causing the cultist to back the car away from the street. Hippies recognize Rick from a TV show "Bounty Law", and recall the amount of violence on the show. They then decide to change their plans and murder Rick instead, in order to "kill the people who taught them to kill". However, at their way to Rick's house, Flowerchild leaves the cultist and drives away with a car.

Cliff holding Katie's dead body

After the remaining cult members break into Rick's apartament, they find there Cliff Booth, who is high on acid. Katie threatens Rick's wife, Francesca Capucci, with a knife and forces her to go to the living room. Tex pulls a revolver towards Cliff but he orders his dog, Brandy to attack him. When dog bites Tex, Sadie tries to attack Cliff but he throws a can of dog food at her while Katie stands in shock. After Brandy begins to attack Susan, Cliff knocks Tex on the floor and Francesca punches Katie but runs away after she takes out the knife. After Cliff kills Tex, Katie jumps at him, stabbing and knocking him on floor. When Cliff dicovers his fresh stab wound, he grabs Patricia and hits her head into various object in the house untill she dies. After killing Katie, Cliff passes out and Sadie manages to shot in the celling with Tex's revolver which scares off Brandy who runs away to the room where Francesca is hidding. Sadie then flies from the window and falls into the pool where she is burned alive with a falmethower by Rick Dalton.


  • In reality Katie, Tex and Sadie managed to kill Sharon Tate and her friends.
  • In the movie, Katie is killed by Cliff Booth, but in reallity, she is still alive and incarcerated in a women's state prison in Chino, California.