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"George isn't blind! YOU'RE THE BLIND ONE!"
Pussycat yelling after Cliff Booth at the Spahn Ranch[source]

Kathryn Lutesinger, better known as Pussycat, is the secondary antagonist of Quentin Tarantino's ninth film Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. She is a member of the Manson Family cult leaded by Charles Manson and is loosely based on Kathryn "Kitty" Lutesinger, girlfriend of musician and murderer Bobby Beausoleil.

She was portrayed by Margaret Qualley.


Pussycat and her friends during the Manson Family's first appearance in the film.

During one of the movie's first scenes, Pussycat and other Manson Family members are dump diving while singing one of Charles Manson's songs "Always Is Always Forever". When they are passing the street, Pussycat makes an eye contact and smiles at Cliff Booth who drives Rick Dalton to his house.

Days later, Cliff drives her to the Spahn Ranch. After she introduces him to the cultists, including Gypsy and Tex, Cliff asks them if his friend George Spahn is still the owner of the ranch and if he can visit him. Cult members reveal that George still owns the ranch but it is impossible for Booth to visit him right now because he is taking a nap. Cliff, not trusting the cultists and finding them suspicious, approches George's house. After the stuntman's visit with Spahn ends, he walks out the house and heads to his cart while Pussycat and other members of Manson's cult yell at him. The cultists then watch as Cliff beats one of their own, Steve "Clem" Grogan, to force the latter to change Rick's car's tire he punctured.


  • In the film's novelization, there's a scene where Charles Manson instructs Pussycat how to break into the house of an elderly and wealthy couple as they are sleeping. It's furthermore explained that Manson encouraged his girls to go into wealthy unvacated homes with dark clothing and steal valuables for his own purposes.


  1. The novel reveals that she is about 15 during the events of the movie.