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Winston Wolf is a supporting character in Quentin Tarantino's 2nd film, Pulp Fiction. He is a cleaner working for Marsellus Wallace.

He was portrayed by Harvey Keitel, who also played Larry Dimmick in Reservoir Dogs.


Winston Wolf, also known as "The Wolf", was a member of the organized crime cartel run by Marsellus Wallace, based out of Los Angeles, California. Wolf's specialty was cleaning up evidence left behind by Wallace's men. When hitman Vincent Vega accidentally shot and killed one of their own men, Marvin, Marsellus called in The Wolf to take care of it.

Vincent and his partner Jules Winnfield had already taken the car with Marvin's bloody remains to the home of one of Marsellus' "friends", Jimmie Dimmick. When The Wolf arrived, he wasted no time and began issuing instructions to Vincent and Jules on how to clean up the car and dispose of the body. Vincent did not care for Winston's abrupt demeanor, citing that "...a 'please' would be nice" when giving out orders. Winston explained that he expediency was key towards making this whole mess go away, and as such, sometimes manners need to be ignored. However, Winston punctuated this statement by asking him, "Pretty please, with sugar on top... clean the fucking car".

To make restitution with Jimmie Dimmick for the inconvenience, Mister Wolf was allowed to pay him a large sum of money. Once the car was cleaned up and Vincent and Jules were cleaned up, Winston Wolf drove off in the vehicle and disposed of it.

Fun Quotes

  • The Wolf: "Pretty please with sugar on top: Clean the fuckin car."
  • The Wolf: "You an oak man Jimmie?".
  • The Wolf: "Just because you ARE a character doesn't mean you HAVE character."