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I'm Mr. Wolf, I solve problems.
― Winston Wolfe introducing himself to Jimmie Dimmick.[src]

Winston Wolfe, better known as The Wolf, is one of the two overarching protagonists (alongside Captain Koons) in Quentin Tarantino's 2nd film, Pulp Fiction. He is a professional mafia "cleaner" who works primarily for Marsellus Wallace. He covers up crimes whenever there is evidence that needs to be gotten rid of. He appears in the chapter "The Bonnie Situation".

He was portrayed by Harvey Keitel, who also played Larry Dimmick in Reservoir Dogs and OSS Commander in Inglourious Basterds.


After assassins Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield kill three men who stole from their boss, crime lord Marsellus Wallace, they take Marvin, one of Wallace's debtors who informed on his friends in return for sparing his life, with them. They put him in the backseat of their car and drive off, but while Vincent is talking to Marvin, he accidentally pulls the trigger of his firearm and shoots Marvin in the face, killing him and splattering blood and brain matter all over the car and his and Jules' clothes.

They go to the house of Jules' friend Jimmie Dimmick to hide. Jimmie is terrified that his wife, Bonnie, will come home from work to find a dead body in their house, so he tells Jules to handle the situation. Jules calls Marcellus, who in turn calls the Wolf.

The Wolf arrives at Jimmie's house 10 minutes later, and quickly and curtly tells them how to clean up the car. Vincent bristles at the Wolf "barking orders" at him, but the Wolf reminds him that they are in a hurry and will have to do what he says to stay out of prison. While Jules and Vincent clean the car, the Wolf talks Jimmie into giving him the bedroom linen set that he and Bonnie got as a wedding present from Jimmie's late aunt and uncle to use to soak up Marvin's blood from the floor of the car, promising that Wallace will make it worth his while.

After Jules and Vincent finish cleaning the car, the Wolf makes them take their bloody clothes off, and then proceeds to spray them with Jimmie's backyard hose to clean them up. The Wolf pays Jimmie as an apology for the inconvenience, and then takes Jules and Vincent to get rid of Marvin's corpse at "Monster Joe's", a junkyard owned by a friend of his who is presumably involved in Marcellus' criminal empire. As the Wolf leaves to take Monster Joe's daughter out to breakfast, he bids Jules and Vincent goodbye, telling them to "call me Winston".


Pretty please with sugar on top: Clean the fuckin car.
― Winston to Jules and Vincent.[src]
You an oak man Jimmie?
― Winston to Jimmie.[src]
Just because you are a character doesn't mean you have character.
― Winston Wolfe.[src]


  • According to Tarantino, the Wolf can theoretically move between the universes, similar to Earl McGraw and his son Edgar.
  • A parody version of Wolf (portrayed by the same actor) starred in a series of adverts for the insurance company Direct Line in the 2010s.