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Thomas "Tommy" Plympton was Beatrix Kiddo's fiancé.


Life with Beatrix

When Beatrix left her profession as an assassin to be a mother, she moved to El Paso, Texas where she met Tommy, an owner of an used record store. Beatrix put him under the pretence that she was carrying his child. After the pregnancy was announced, Tommy proposed to Beatrix, who accepted.

Wedding rehearsal

During her and Tommy's wedding rehearsal, Beatrix met up with Bill, who tracked her down to the chapel. Bill agreed to be civil to Tommy and told Beatrix that if she really wanted Tommy, he wouldn't interfere. Bill attended the wedding rehearsal, and was introduced as Beatrix's father (Bill was way older than Beatrix) to Tommy. Of course, during the rehearsal, the chapel was put under siege when the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad interrupted, killing all the people in attendance. Tommy was one of the eight killed during the massacre.